How to add 20k to the value of your property in just 2 weeks

My name is Alex Bowen founder and managing director of Beauscape Ltd, I have personally created over 500 beautifully constructed drives, patios and paving projects in the last three years alone in Cheshire and south Manchester.

I’m not sure how you came across this page but that doesn’t matter as you are now in the right place if you are interested in adding 20k of value without spending anywhere near that figure in just two weeks.  This process is as easy as simply filling the contact form and let Beauscape unlock the potential of your outdoor areas in just two weeks!!!

Driveways – Ask any estate agent or surveyor, first impressions count so much. A quality installed drive is the first thing you see when you leave for work in the morning and the last thing you see when you get home in the evening.  A professionally installed drive is such a great feature to impress potential buyers if you are selling, guests and or clients visiting your home and not to mention your own personal enjoyment of one of the biggest areas of your home, the all-important entrance area.  With many styles and options available for all realistic budgets, why not get a free quote to find out what we can do for you?  We can install a 90m (square) area of block paving in one working week with oak sleeper edgings.

Patios – a new Beauscape patio is a great place to enjoy the garden view from and also a massive feature to add value and impact to the rear of your home.  Quality throughout the design/planning and construction of a project is always instantly noticeable when walking on our completed projects.  Don’t let a thrifty buyer reduce your asking price on the basis you haven’t had the time, inclination or knowledge that getting a specialised company like Beauscape ltd in to do the work will add value way beyond the outlay.  We can construct a 50m (square) raised patio area with edgings and natural stone paving to a finish in a week from start to finish!!!!

Looking for inspiration??

From here on in it’s going to be really easy to receive a creative design and competitive quote for high-quality workmanship along with great customer service.

The chances are you have searched the internet,, rated people, local newspapers and any other avenues to look for a reputable and reliable landscaping contractor to help build your dream drive, patio or garden landscape.  I can imagine it wasn’t as easy as you initially thought unless you found us first, which in that case you are on the right track straight away so well done.

There are many people on forums and social media groups trying to give advice on how and where to apply for this kind of work, however some of them aren’t really experts and can’t offer the full turnkey package you deserve.  At Beauscape we only employ skilled trades’ specialists working as full time staff with years of experience at our disposal in both design and installation giving you expert advice based on our experience.

The Magic 7 reasons why to choose Beauscape ltd

1) Experienced conscientious Staff – “you’re only as good as your staff” never a truer word spoken especially in construction.  Quality experience is key; our team works on exclusive properties in some of the most beautiful locations in the North West and have been doing for years.

2) Quality products/materials supplied – ecologically sourced and local to our projects wherever possible to lower our carbon footprint.  We use a narrow range of approved materials we know and trust this gives us are unique signature look.

3) Creativity and innovation – to give you the job you always wanted but never knew was possible.  Options are essential especially when this will probably be the first time you have been through this process.  Guiding and informing our clients as to the right way forward is essential, we do this every day so we know what is and isn’t possible but always respect our clients wishes and work together to achieve the best possible outcome for a project.

4) NHBC Standards – met on all of our jobs/ all our work is guaranteed giving you the peace of mind it’s going to look beautiful in years to come.

5) We are Registered and established company – fully insured for your peace of mind, we have established a great reputation in your area and are happy to prove that to you. We are growing 40% year on year which is only possible with happy customers and referrals.

6) Great portfolio of quality work– creative and varied, we don’t use other peoples catalogues simply or own completed work photos and ideas.  This is a much more effective way of informing clients as to how we go about constructing our projects e.g. “The processes of block paving”

7) Testimonials are available from satisfied clients in your area upon request, giving you the peace of mind to choose beauscape ltd for your landscaping project.

How to apply for a free design consultation

When making a Beauscape enquiry for a free design consultation and quote we will be sure to call you back within 24hours of registering an enquiry on our website, from there we will talk about what you are looking to achieve and if it is something we can help with.  The design consultation will take place at a convenient time for you and normally would last about half an hour.  The quotation will be emailed directly to you within 48 hours and will give a fully itemised break down of the works and any options for consideration.  It couldn’t be simpler.

No cheap gimmicks, no sales nonsense, no hassle!!!!

The projects we create are excellent quality and business as ever is a two way street.   We are looking to form relationships right now with the right clientele who are people who want the service factor together with the quality product, people who want to go on a journey together and create something special for their home.

Beauscape isn’t going to be for everyone, hopefully this appeals to you.