Finishing Touches

Add Something Unique

Finishing touches make a project stand out and its the bespoke features that adorn a garden that make you want to be there all the time. The very nature of handcrafted product can sometime mean waiting longer for example – metal work to be fabricated and powder coated but when all these extra elements come together at the end that’s where the magic comes.

The effect that these whistles and bells adds to a garden build compared to the outlay always for me represents tremendous value and gives both our clients and ourselves immense satisfaction when working together to create something truly unique – that’s what beauscape is all about.

Oak Features

Embrace the versatility of oak, a beloved material for various outdoor applications. From walling to cladding, benches to arbours, and outdoor pergolas to sheds, wood stores, and huts, oak offers both beauty and resilience, perfect for enduring British weather conditions.

Custom Lighting Systems

Elevate your outdoor ambiance with our meticulously designed and installed 4-gang wireless lighting systems. Create distinct lighting zones throughout your garden without the hassle of disrupting your home’s interior.

Metal Fabrication and Powder Coating

From hanging basket brackets to powder-coated exposed conduit, gates, and railings, our metal fabrication services offer durable and aesthetically pleasing solutions for your outdoor space.

Fire Pits with Bespoke Features

Experience the warmth and comfort of our fire pits, complete with bespoke metal grates for BBQs or simply enjoying fireside moments. Our fitted metal lids also transform the fire pit into a stylish coffee table when not in use.

Raised Beds and Soft Landscaping

Enhance your garden with our expertly crafted raised beds and soft landscaping services. Adding essential natural elements often overlooked, we bring value and vitality to your outdoor oasis.

Let’s Get Started

Your perfect retreat awaits. Let’s get the ball rolling on your new beautiful Beauscaped garden!