Natural Stone Bound Together By Polyurethane Resin

A gravel driveway can add a unique look to your property that matches its gardens and sets it apart from the crowd. However, the gravel used in many driveways can easily spill over onto grass and cause scratches to cars and other vehicles.

Our high quality resin bound driveways offer the beautiful look of a natural stone gravel driveway without any of the annoyances. Aesthetically pleasing and very low maintenance, they’re an excellent choice for any home or residential property.

What are resin bound driveways?

In a resin bound driveway, small gravel stones – typically quartz stone – are held together using epoxy and polymer resins. These resins prevent stones from moving under the weight of a vehicle.

Since the stones in a resin bound driveway are bound together, they hold steady under pressure, giving a resin bound driveway the great looks of gravel with none of the maintenance or annoyances.

With a resin driveway, you’ll never need to deal with stones popping up under the weight of a car’s tyre and scratching its paint. You’ll also never need to worry about stones making their way into the garden or onto your grass lawn.

Resin bound driveways were developed in the US during the 1980s. Since then, the materials used in resin bound driveways have improved significantly, resulting in a more natural look and little to no maintenance for homeowners.


What are the benefits of resin bound driveways?

Resin bound driveways offer a number of benefits over gravel driveways, tarmac, and even resin bonded driveways. Some of the biggest benefits of switching to a resin bound driveway are:

  • Lower maintenance. Since resin bound driveways keep their shape under pressure and don’t move in the way a standard gravel driveway would, the amount of maintenance they need over time is relatively low.
  • Great looks. You can choose from a wide variety of stone materials to use in your resin driveway, from colourful stones that match your home’s aesthetic to beautiful natural quartz and granite.
  • Flexibility. There’s no need to just use resin bonding on your driveway. Resin bound gravel can be used to cover garden pathways, patio areas and a wide range of other outdoor spaces.
  • Affordable. Our high quality resin bound driveways are available with great pricing, making them the perfect choice for your home’s driveway, pathways, patio and more.


Is a resin bound driveway suitable for your home?

With an extensive range of colours and stone grades available, resin bound gravel driveways can suit any home. It’s easy to select a look that matches your home and complements its lawn and garden.

From small, compact driveways and parking areas to long driveways through your home’s garden, a resin driveway can complement any environment and create an outstanding look that defines your home.

Choose from several different grades of stone, from one to three millimetres all the way up to more coarse five millimetre quartz. Match your home’s aesthetic with an extensive range of colours and materials.

From classic to modern, large and spacious to compact and cosy, any type of home can benefit from its own resin driveway.


Why Beauscape?

We’re experts in designing and creating high quality driveways. Whether you’d like to replace your existing driveway or install a brand new resin bound driveway, we can design, plan and build a driveway that effortlessly complements your home.

We cover a large area around Greater Manchester and its surrounding towns. Click here to view some of the towns we currently work in. If your area isn’t listed, make sure you call us – we’re here to help you.

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