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Our block paving designs always take on board your requirements and are finished to a superb level that will make your heart sing every time you see you it. Just fill out our quick and easy form below or call us on 01625 318 911 to get a free quote back from the North West’s best Block Paving Contractors.

Here are just some of the towns we currently work in. Don’t hesitate to contact us from other areas not listed.


“Block Paving in Cheshire”


  • All types and styles of blocks and edgings available
  • Maintenance contracts to keep it looking brand new
  • Highest quality materials and build
  • Free site visit
  • Free design and quote
  • Safe & secure finished product

We provide block paving for:

  • Residential homes block paving – adding style, class and practicality to any size of area, nothing looks as smart as block paving.
  • Commercial block paving installations – we can provide a solution to any size area giving you options for your budget across Manchester.
  • School block paving installations – we can design and build paths, driveways, patios and edging details in any outdoor area or outdoor classroom to provide clean smart looking walkways in-between buildings or outdoor areas.
  • Holiday home block paving installations – if your holiday home needs a functional and stylish outdoor area, our block paving will certainly impress.

Block Paving Design Ideas

Beauscape know whatever project we take on, we can create something beautiful for you. Sometimes though, it helps us both if you have an idea of what you want in the first place. We have the knowledge, expertise and creative design skills to turn your ideas into something you will love. Take a look at our gallery here or use some of the helpful links we have chosen for you below.

Our principal objective is to produce high quality landscaping and building projects that encompass as much design flair and innovation as possible.

We transform landscapes and property using only high quality durable materials from sustainable sources. Take a look at our project in West Didsbury here.

The process of block paving:

The sub base is the term used for the foundations of the paving. This stops the paving from sinking into the earth. Limestone direct from the quarry is usually the material used and is gauged from 40mm in diameter down to dust. The dust and fines are essential to fill all the gaps in between the stones so it becomes a solid base layer to build on top of.

Screeding is the process by which you create a smooth and perfect layer of grit sand onto which you lay the blocks onto, this is the technical part of the job and requires all the levels and falls to be calculated prior to this process. The sand is put down heavy above the finished hight and compacted with the whacker plate, using a screeding edge or square piece of timber scape away the excess. This in normally guided by the edgings that frame the area or by screeding poles that are buried in the sand at exactly the right height.

Lay – placing the blocks down on the sand without disturbing the smooth sand surface, we usually do this on the angle but their is no right or wrong here is all personal preference. We set up lines to make sure the rows are completely in line with no deviation at all. Some customers ask for a different colour block round the edge but personally I don’t think it adds much.

Cuts – filling the gaps which the full blocks didn’t fit round the edges creates cutting work which is labour intensive and involves the use of the disc cutter or stihl saw. Loud and dusty work but essential and unavoidable. Each cut is marked out by hand and cut and fitted to the gap which has to be accurate to get a professional finish.

Sanding the blocks have dimples on their sides to create 2mm gaps in which kiln dried silica sand is brushed into to stop lateral movement and muck getting into the gaps.

Expert Block Paving Designs Fitted To Your Precise And Exacting Standards Across Manchester

Beauscape are the experts at block paving design and construction that is GUARANTEED to delight you with the quality of materials, the speed of fitting and the finished result that will give you years of hassle-free use.

Just fill out our quick and easy form below or call us on 01625 318 911 to get a fast quote back from the North West’s best block paving design company.

Here are just some of the towns we currently work in. Don’t hesitate to contact us if an area is not listed.

We have produced hundreds of high quality block paving jobs for many satisfied customers across Manchester and have built up a reputation for innovation and quality. Take a look at our block paving testimonial here.

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