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Beauscape work with clients in Didsbury and the areas around Manchester, take a look at some of the other areas we work in. We are landscape designers of distinction and offer a wide variety of services, So get in touch for a free quote.

Below is a case study of a project we did  in Didsbury…

Landscaping Didsbury from

You never know what to expect when turning up to measure up jobs in our line of work, every now and then you come across something a bit different that gets the cogs turning. This particular Landscaping project was on a beautiful Victorian garden that had been left for many years without any maintenance, it posed us the challenge of organising a jungle into something more ordered, attractive and easier to maintain.

Landscaping Didsbury from Beauscape1The garden had clearly been great once upon a time and had a wealth of plants shrubs, bushes and trees that were replant-able and were both aesthetically pleasing and worth quite a lot of money.

We came up with a simple yet stylish landscaping design to reorganise and order what they had and remove all that wouldn’t fit into the new planting scheme. The first few days were taken up with selecting and protecting the keepers from the chuckers. Once we had dug the keepers up, time was of the essence as we had to get the plants back in the ground before they died.

We used oak sleepers for a nice effect along the sides of the garden to create raised beds to re-plant the existing trees, shrubs and plants.

Landscaping Didsbury by BeauscapeThe turf we use. we collect direct from the cutter on Cheshire’s finest turf growing field in Congleton, we do this to ensure the quality of the rolls as turf can be sat around in builders yards or wholesalers basically dying and drying out both making it difficult to lay and unsightly.

The garden looked so different once it was cleared. it was huge, the oak sleepers looked great against the new turf and the raised patio areas we created will look fantastic when they get the funds to finish off the project in due course. If you have a garden that has gone wild – call or contact Beauscape ltd to take advantage of our skills and experience in both hard and soft landscaping.

Don’t put a project off just because it seems too big; we completed this landscaping job in 6 working days start to finish which is no mean feat considering the size of it. Ideas cost nothing so it’s always worth a chat to see what we can do for you!

If you’d like to receive a free quote, contact us or call us now on 07506 748 170 and we can answer any questions you have.

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