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Cheshire Landscaping from BeauscapeBeauscape have been landscape garden design in Cheshire for years now and love doing the jobs that you hate, whether on an annual contract or as one off jobs.

A large part of this work is exterior pressure washing, driveway cleaning and sealing/resealing of all types of surfaces. We offer a full range of sealants, renovators and weed and moss removal products to help wipe the slate clean.

The winter almost always leaves a trail of green algae, moss, lichens, bird crap and other sappy leaf residues on your property and in particular, your paving and hard standings.

Join the 300+ happy customers that use us on a regular basis, don’t waste your weekend with that yellow Karcher unit that’s designed to clean cars with.

Receive the professional landscaping job from Beauscape and with our knowledge and experience, keep your drive/patio cleaner for longer using our targeted spray every six months.

Anyone in the trade that’s worth their salt hates repair work, it generally means making or trying to make good poor quality work.

Down here on Planet Earth, not everyone has the budget to replace from scratch and repair work is essential in stopping further degradation and generally smarting your property ready for the summer.

Cracked pointing are usually the result of slab movement and both are easily fixed subject to survey. The difference these services can make in a relatively short period of time is astonishing.

Often, our landscaping jobs leave a property looking a if it was a new project, which is very rewarding to see.

Whilst landscaping, fencing projects either from inception, repair or panel replacement are a great way to make a statement or simply to keep the dog or children from running away. Beauscape offer a full range of outdoor timber products including fencing, trellising, pergolas, summerhouses and decking to name but a few both supplied and fitted as part of a landscaping project or a one off purchase.

Cheshire Landscaping from Beauscape1

Kerbing and edgings can be a great way to revitalise an existing patio as part of a spruce up whilst landscaping. Granite sets look great with Yorkstone and Indian sand stone and come in 4inch square block as you can see below. Man made edgings in a wide variety of colours and sizes can compliment and kind of paving or as a retainer keeping a gravel path away from an encroaching lawn area as seen above.

Cheshire Landscaping from Beauscape2

Resin jointing and re pointing are jobs that always need doing every so often and due to the climate and winters we have had over the last few years, this is something that needs doing more frequently.

Whether the paving is rocking due to the sub base being depleted or the quality of pointing is poor or simply old and the bonding has gone is irrelevant. We carry out all these repair works and give options as the best way forward after a short consultation. The resin jointing compound is very popular and recommended if the whole area needs redoing whereas the more traditional sand and cement repairs are more popular for patch up work and repairs so the work matches into the existing look.

Cheshire Landscaping from Beauscape3

The time is now upon us to get these jobs ticked of the list ready for what hopefully is going to be a great summer in our gardens and homes!

If you’re based in and around South Manchester or Cheshire  and you’d like to receive a landscaping job to bring some personality back to your property, call Beauscape today for a free quote.

Call: 07506 748 170

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