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Beauscape work with clients in Manchester and the areas around Cheshire, take a look at some of the other areas we work in. We are landscape designers and offer a wide variety of landscaping services, So don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Following a string of successful landscaping projects developing school grounds in the Cheshire and Manchester area, we are proud to release our Beauscape in schools branch of the business and the new catalogue which outlines a tailor made package, directly beneficial to the education and development of school pupils of all ages.

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The landscaping project was at Oakfield Primary School in Hyde. We were asked to design and develop a large greenfield site and we designed and constructed the following; an orchard, raised vegetable growing areas, a maze, sensory areas, an outdoor classroom and a variety of other hard and soft landscaping.

From creating a cad drawing and quoting for the designs we put our clients at the heart of the project and was great to be given effectively a blank canvas to work with and create areas that were clearly going to be so beneficial to the pupils.

Trying to give a small job professional finish to such a large area was always going to be my main concern and the real challenge, if it takes a little longer it’s always worth the extra attention to detail that always pays off long term.

Constructing the oak sleeper structure at the bottom of the site was always going to be challenging and therefore rewarding, laser levels were used to get a millimetre perfect basis for setting out and transposing our start levels to various points on the figure of eight shape.
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The job was marred with bad weather from start to finish with one of the rainiest summers on record which exposed the fact that the field needed some extensive land drainage which we quoted and installed retrospectively, the soil or lack of it on top of the clay level was the source of the issue which allowed little or no water to pass through it. Once we installed the two giant soak away pits in the field opposite you could see it working immediately.

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Getting children outside and learning about nature, growing food from the land is a growing area of the national curriculum as many children especially from disadvantaged backgrounds don’t have any idea of where food comes from or how it’s produced; they simply see the marketing and packaging that comes off the shelf.

Jamie Oliver embarked on a media offensive highlighting the food in schools and what Beauscape is aiming to do is carry on that good work in terms of developing the grounds and functionality of the the schools in the north west. In the future, possibly nationwide.

If you work in or have children attending a school where you think the ‘outdoors get your hands dirty experience’ would be welcomed, why not contact Beauscape for a copy of our Beauscape in schools brochure or simply visit our website and fill out the inquiry form and we will be make contact to the school directly.

The results we can achieve if the will and desire to create unique outdoor areas is there are outstanding.

Landscaping in Cheshire from

Contact the Beauscape team today and we can answer any questions you have. Call us via mobile on 07506 748 170.


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