Turf Laying in Wilmslow by Beauscape

If you are looking for a professional turf layers in Manchester, that treat every project with attention to detail and high quality workmanship, you should contact Beauscape today!

Here’s a picture I took whilst turf laying in Wilmslow. The turf we source is freshly cut on the morning of the turf laying. A well maintained lawn is often the pride and joy of any garden offering a large coverage for relatively little money in comparison with over surfaces and coverings.

Turf Laying in Wilmslow from Beauscape.com

It’s essential to be ready and waiting in the early morning as the moisture from the dew helps stop the turf from drying out and is much easier to work with on site. The clock is ticking so swift deliveries to site allow us to moisten up the rolls of fresh turf so their is no danger of it drying out and therefore cracking.

Using premium turf laying soil which has a fine sandy texture which allows the installer to screed an area completely smooth and free of lumps and bumps, preparing the area to a smooth finish is the be all and end all in terms of creating a perfect lawn just like in block paving the laying is fairly skill less in comparison.

The high sand content allows the roots to penetrate the soil and establish a healthy root stock as quickly as possible which is essential for a healthy luscious lawn. The soil is compacted at the low level and then we grade so the layers as we near the finished turf level are less compacted to allow the roots to take to the ground with easy and so the lawn doesn’t turn boggy when the rains come.

Turf Laying in Wilmslow from Beauscape.com

Depending on the drainage, levels and contours of the garden it can often be wise to put some drainage grade washed stone down to aid the passing of water down into the water table. You can use clean limestone or washed Eco drainage stone at 20mm diameter.

We always line the stripes up as we lay so you get that Wimbledon centre court effect from day one, always essential to water a freshly laid lawn at least four times a day for the first two weeks unless it’s raining heavily which in Manchester/Cheshire is quite often the case.

Laying pre cut turf isn’t the only method in creating a lawn but it is the easiest in terms of upkeep and maintenance in the early days. You can seed the leveled soil with a variety of different species of grass or a mixture to suit the areas light, water and other environmental conditions.

I think this method is more trouble than it’s worth to be honest and what could be more frustrating than a long wait to see the finished product after day of watching the birds eat all your lawn seed. A golf club in Cheshire not naming names spent 20k on top quality lawn seed only to watch it wash away in a torrential rain storm. I can imagine the groundsman wasn’t too pleased about that one.

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