Landscaping in Cheshire and Manchester by Beauscape

My name is Alex and I am a landscape designer in Cheshire and Manchester. I am the creator of Beauscape and this is the first blog post we have written, however it will be the first of many. We will be creating content based on educating and informing people on what can be created around you and your home.

Landscaping in Cheshire and Manchester from

Tight access in Alderley Edge caused us some issues with a 4 residence property and one access only. We got there in the end.

I created Beauscape 4 years ago because the opportunity arose to provide landscaping services of high quality; I am obsessed with finding quality whether it is with people, materials, designs or services. The main driver for me to enter this industry from kitchen design/build was that I met a man with remarkable talent for landscaping. His name is James Charlwood. James was born to landscape and pave and his attention to detail is astonishing.

We formed a great working relationship and friendship with us both working on site together in all weathers and circumstances over a number of years. Of the many things we have in common, the passion for doing things to perfection and giving great service was clearly in abundance. James trained with Cambridge paviours from the age of 16 and without wanting to make him blush was their golden boy! Now at 33, James looks after the jobs and I look after the customers and onsite team offering support wherever possible.

Working with a tight knit team is the secret to success, efficient and professional.

Working with a tight knit team is the secret to success, efficient and professional.

So 4 years on from that we have established a new brand in landscaping and garden design around the Cheshire area leaving a wave of happy and satisfied customers behind. It gives me great pleasure meeting people and walking them through what we can offer and impressing with a high quality finish time after time. Trust is such an important aspect with any project, we take our time to inform, advise and above all listen to what is required.

With 22 years of onsite experience in the company, we are growing in reputation but are keen to keep the business small so we can innovate and create bespoke projects with maximum control. The thing that defines us most is that we are hard-working and honest; anyone who works with their hands or in a creative industry knows it’s not about money or success it’s about the finished product and seeing a happy customer standing on their new drive or patio.

Landscaping in Cheshire and Manchester from

The future is both in residential properties and also landscaping in schools, a growing need to renovate and build new schools has provided Beauscape with opportunities in creating landscaping packages based around children and the ever expanding curriculum which is now focusing on getting children closer to nature, eco and environmental issues, food production and in some cases mini farms on schools.

Jamie Oliver has kick started a revolution is school dinners, who’s to say that Beauscape can’t follow on outdoors. We can offer a wide variety of new areas like outdoor class rooms, orchards and allotments and much more.
For the professional approach call us today or simply fill in the enquiry form and we will be back in touch shortly.

If you’d like to know more about landscaping in Cheshire and Manchester from Beauscape, contact us today by calling 07506 748 170.


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